What people say about us

Some comments received about the Draught Busters from the people that we have visited:-

Brilliant info

2019 — Hi, I just wanted to say your site/blog, is just brilliant. We bought a house just over a year ago, which was built in the mid 70’s, needed modernising, the location and what it offered us as a family in terms of space and features etc is why we went for it..However its fairly energy inefficient. I am an avid DIY\’er and a great one too (I like to think so 🙂 ) and have been looking for info for some time now, on how I can fill in gaps between block work and floor joist. Having read your write up, it has not only confirmed what I was thinking of doing, but added some extra measure for improvement. I have also taken the time to read up most of your other articles and have found the dot and dab piece to be very informative too, especially as I have completely gutted our bathroom and one of the external walls does not look very good, hence was advised to dot and dab plasterboard to it and in my mind I was questioning how energy efficient that would be.. None the less, your site is now firmly saved to my favourites on my laptop, ipad and phone 🙂 Thanks you once again!

2020 in February we got this “Thank you for the service provided by Tony  through DraughtBusters and the Transition Town Reading scheme, which CAB referred me for.
What a great project.
I was truly amazed by the results of what might seem small remedies.
I had quite a few window and ceiling ‘gaps’ filled and a letterbox cover fitted – cannot believe how much warmer my hallway is.
This work at my house has inspired me to really think about sustainability and energy, and the planet environment factors, plus saving money on energy bills.
It also gave me an incredible sense of feeling supported and helped, so thank you Reading CA and Draughtbusters.”

“Many thanks for all your help …….   last year.  My gas bills have come down already.”    Sally 2017 

“I am really impressed by how quickly they answered and by how accurate the draught proofing was. Even in a few hours we can really feel the difference. I am really happy I came across them, thank you so much guys” – Marta from Reading Dec 2016

“The DraughtBusters were very helpful, efficient and gave me lots of information/tips to further improve the heating efficiency of my home”

“The guys were friendly and really knew their stuff”

“They helped and advised on a lot of things and have made real improvements”.

“Thanks for this and also  for an informative and thought provoking talk, cheers ……”  after one of our workshops.

and another “Thank you for sending me the slides. I found your talk very interesting and useful.”

“Your energy advice and draught proofing resulted in us saving 30% on our gas bill comparing 2013/14 with 2014/5  THANKS”  Hazel  from Reading