Many households will be paying 10–15% more than they should on their heating bill because of draughts, and when a lack of insulation is also an issue, that figure goes up. However, many draughts are easily fixed, and a considerable sum can be saved for a little outlay. Insulation can often be installed by the homeowner and lead to a substantial reduction in heating bills. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of draughtproofing and insulation, with principles and techniques that can be applied in all homes.

Can be ordered from the Crowood press

There are also several copies locally at RISC bookshop in London St or at Fourbears Books Caversham or you can order from other good bookstores


Who would have guessed that the topic ‘draughtproofing’ could be both fascinating and hugely useful; but Tony Cowling has achieved both goals. The book is superbly illustrated and not only reveals all the most common sources of draught but how to fix them for under £30 in most cases — and that’s the cost for the whole house.  Most  householders could save hundreds of pounds each year of lost heat, and only the most basic DIY skills are required. Every house should have a copy!

Professor John Mann , Shrewsbury

Everyone could benefit from reading this book, whether on a budget or looking for full home energy overhaul. The book comprehensively guides the reader on what to look for, how to prioritise and plan works. But it also covers the basics: tips and actions to avoid issues occurring, maintenance and rectification.

For those interested in a more advanced understanding, there are good explanations for the layman. The book has inspired me to look again at my home and what can be done to improve energy efficiency, and it will become a useful reference for years to come

Paul B – diligent homeowner, Reading UK

Really practical, a mine of information on making your dwelling more comfortable and cheaper to run

No matter how old (or new!) your house is, this book has something to help you reduce heat loss, both through unwanted air movement (thermal bypass) and insufficient insulation. As a builder with many years of experience, the author has a practical and effective approach, which inspires confidence for the DIY-er, whilst helping to prevent disasters of damp and rot through unhandled moisture. I’d thoroughly recommend this book, it’s very readable, and provokes under-the-breath “OMG! Really?!” comments all the time!

Reviewer on Amazon

As a result of your brilliant course, we are giving the signed copy of your book to our son for Christmas. We would like to give it to four other people as well if we can!

Alan, DraughtBusters course attendee

“I have been enjoying your book and like all the photos in it. The book is great and very helpful.”

George, Greener Future