End of Season DraughtBusting around the Home

A snapshot of end-of-season draughtproofing around the homes of Reading

As we begin to creep towards the warmer months, it’s a chance for us to reflect and share some of the recent draughtproofing challenges and solutions that our DraughtBusting volunteers have been involved in across homes in Reading.

Many of these are also ones that we often find! Perhaps they may remind you to get around to that draughtproofing you’ve been putting off, or get in touch with us if in need of support financially.

A front door that is in need of some draughtstrips and adjustment.

Windows that needed replacement rubber seals.

The replacement ones that we use seem to fit pretty much any uPVC window or door.

and a door to

In the process of fitting the new seal we use soapy water on a blue cloth to help make it easy to press into the slot in the window.

This air vent was at a high level on their kitchen wall with daylight visible through it. This means it has been permanently draughty since the house was built in the 1950’s or 1960’s!

These pipes in the airing cupboard needed sealing around (the staining was from old leaks).

Often occupants don’t know how to use their trickle ventilators. Here the majority were set to permanently open. This one was on the patio door. Also note the draught cracks between the frame trims and the wall.

So did you spot any of these around your home?

Don’t forget our website has loads of DIY draughtproofing advice and some guidance videos.

Alongside this, if you’re facing difficulty financially to be able to draughtproof your own home we offer free draughtproofing support.

We’re also always looking for new DraughtBusters to volunteer with us, helping to increase access to those in need and expanding our services further across Reading. We provide training, and draughproofing tools and materials and work in teams.