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Who DraughtBusters can help directly

The DraughtBusters draughtproofing service is free and primarily for those living in energy poverty. We may be able to help others too when asked.

You can be referred by, or refer others to DraughtBusters via:

Here, online, we also aim to give detailed advice to enable and empower others to do it themselves.

If you would like to enquire about DraughtBusters helping draughtproof your home, you should contact one of the above-mentioned organisations and they will refer you to us via the appropriate channels.

You will then join the queue of those waiting. On reaching the top of the list you will be offered an appointment.

A typical DraughtBust

We will call you to make an appointment and once agreed, we will explain more of the process. A general outline is given below.

When the DraughtBusting team arrive, we will look around your home either with or without you, this will start after you have told us what you think the biggest problems are. Often as the person living there, you’ll probably have a good feeling of what some of the problems may be. We will then sit down with you and explain what we would like to do and then, if you agree will do the agreed draughtproofing there and then.

We carry with us everything that we are likely to need to carry out the work and the cost of any materials is covered by us. The whole process is likely to take between an hour and an hour and a half.  At the end of the visit, we will talk to you about running and managing your heating, and ventilation and how to deal with condensation.