Help Reducing Energy Use

Radical ideas to help you reduce your energy use:-

Following the 40% hike in energy prices we are sticking our neck out and offering help to save 40%.

1. Switch everything off when not in use, oven, microwave, TV control box, computer, lights, things on standby,
2. Only boil the exact amount of water needed, empty kettle, fill cup allowing space for milk, tip cup of water into kettle and boil.
3. Draught proof your home.
4. Add insulation loft insulation can pay for itself within the first heating season on a DIY basis, we suggest adding to make the total thickness up to 400mm.
5. Turn down heating it would be reasonable if you desperately need to save money to run your heating at 18C providing that you are not elderly, infirm or vulnerable. Wear a pullover and a woolly hat, desperate times call for desperate measures.
6. Turn heating off at night or set thermostat to 14C
7. Further insulate hot cylinder with sleeping bags or quilts
8. Turn hot water off for three days a week, Monday Tuesday, and Thursday may be again desperate measures are needed.

9. Ah but you have a combi or electric shower, it is still possible to cut 40% by going from 4min shower down to 2 1/2 min, shower, use a shower timer or phone alarm 

10. Use washing machine on low temperature.
11. Pre wash dishes in cold water then use dishwasher on short cycle or wash by hand like I do.