There are a number of ways you can support DraughtBusting


Helping households reduce energy use, save money and tackle carbon emissions, while keeping warmer

  • Become a DraughtBuster, going into homes, advising and supporting in draughtproofing. You may also like to become a local DraughtBuster for your area of Reading
  • The commitment would be for a couple of hours every month (or fortnight) during the heating season only. 
  • Support in admin, coordinating and organising our DraughtBusters volunteers on dates and timings for visits   – an hour or two a week 
  • Set up a local DraughtBusters in your area  –  a few hours every week but this could be shared across the group. 

Become a DraughtBuster

Being a DraughtBuster is worthwhile, enjoyable and very satisfying. It helps people save both money and energy, and does not require a lot of prior experience or high levels of skill.

You will be working with others who have done it before, and you will quickly learn draught proofing skills that you can use in your own home as well as to help your friends and neighbours.

We’re looking to link DraughtBuster volunteers to places needing draughtproofed as locally as possible, aiming for a network of us across Reading.

We are also looking for ongoing support with our social media and administration (arranging visits)

Help set up local hubs in Reading

We area looking for more DraughtBuster Volunteers across Reading that can form small local hubs, points of contact, to have local draughtproofing skills and action close to those in need.

Since 2020 we have helped other groups in the Royal Borourgh of Windsor and Maidenhead to set up their own DraughtBusters Group, they are now fully up and running.

Since 2022 we have talked with and shared our approach and experience with several other groups in nearby areas, one in Egham, Staines and others in Hungerford, Newbury, Wantage, Wallingford and recently in the Isle of Wight, though they use a different model. 

Time to get DraughtBusting?

Curious to find out more than there are lots of ways to connect and learn more, get support  and help others save energy and reduce energy bills and carbon emissions




Let's get DraughtBusting!