Why reading “Draughtproofing and Insulation – A Practical Guide” might be a good idea

We are delighted that Draughtbusting expert Tony Cowling had his book “Draughtproofing and Insulation – A Practical Guide” published last month.

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on a copy and thought we’d share a few thoughts on it, tasters and some tips (because, yes draughtproofing and insulation are right up our street).

What does it cover?

With energy price increases and at a high, many households that may not have heard of draughtproofing, potentially have become more aware of this as an approach to reducing energy use and lowering costs. However, draughtproofing and insulating are still often overlooked, and misunderstood and the benefits (alongside insulating) are underestimated.

This book makes a clear case for the often low costs associated with draughtproofing, resulting in quite high savings. Alongside this, and very importantly, it shares tips and techniques that can improve our comfort at home and for those who may be living in fuel poverty.  This is what we at DraughtBusters focus on primarily and we get a mention too in the book. Additionally, draughtproofing and insulating benefits the environment by reducing fossil fuel heating-associated carbon emissions

“Many households will be paying between 10 and 15 % more than they should on their heating bill because of draughts, and when a lack of insulation is also an issue, that figure goes up.”

Tony Cowling, Draughtprooing and Insulation – A Practical GuidE

This guide covers all aspects of draughtproofing, from how to identify and locate draughts and insulation issues to the ways that you may be able to fix them.

No corner of a variety of different types of homes, their windows, walls and floorboards, is left unconsidered, with detailed explanations ( alongside pictures and graphics) that help to both understand where and what issues might be, but very importantly, give you advice and guidance on how you may improve them. 

It also tackles outlining the difference between draughts and ventilation and that question that many ask “Won’t draughtproofing mean I’ll get more condensation” (we may share more on that again soon too).

Tools, Materials and Checklists

The book also has some handy guidance on the Tools and Materials that are handy to have and will often be needed for draughtproofing and insulating, alongside a quick reference checklist of things that may result in Heat Loss

The Author

Tony Cowling brings a very human, knowledgeable and practical voice to the topic. As a retired builder, he has in-depth knowledge of how things are built and ways to assess a huge variety of homes, windows, walls, floorboards, lofts and more. He also has many years of practical experience with a multitude of community sustainability and renewable energy projects in Reading, most relevant being a Reading Draughtbusters founder, draughtbusting with us for the last 10 years. 

If you’d like a copy then you can buy it online or reach out to us as Tony also has several copies that can be purchased. If you’re local then you can also now find it at Fourhbears Books in Caversham and RISC World Shop in Reading.