What we do

DraughtBusters provide free practical help to people struggling to pay their heating bills because their homes are cold and draughty.

Our team of experienced DraughtBusting volunteers help people with draughty homes and give advice on how to manage their heating systems to help reduce energy use.

Alongside providing in-house draughtproofing support for those in need, we promote wider awareness of energy use reducing actions and guidance for all through our website, talks, videos and book.

We also train volunteers to become DraughtBusters themselves and help set-up other groups.


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Overview on draughtproofing and insulating to reduce heat loss at home

Our History

The start

Reading Borough Council awarded a grant to Transition Town Reading in 2012 to fund the materials for a DraughtBusters project. That was the start of Reading DraughtBusters. 

Growing the team and impact

We built up a team of experienced volunteers who over the years have helped many people with draughty homes, alongside giving advice in person and online on how to manage their heating systems and reduce their energy use.

Sharing our approach

Since late 2021 we have helped set up multiple groups in the towns surrounding Reading and are looking to start more DraughtBusting Hubs in Reading itself.

Who we help

The DraughtBusters draughtproofing service targets those living in energy poverty, we will help others too if they ask. 

Many are referred to DraughtBusters through the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Council’s Winter Watch scheme, local debt advice agencies, GPs, churches and charities. Others used to contact us directly, often because they’ve been told about us by someone who has previously been helped by DraughtBusters.

If you’d like more information on draughtproofing then you are in the right place, our DraughtBusters website holds a lot of good information about how to do it yourself. 


How we help

During a typical DraughtBuster visit, the team will first go round and look for any obvious areas for draughts, consult you about what needs to be done and then, if you agree, carry out the necessary draughtproofing measures there and then. 

Before we leave we will give advice on other measures that can be taken. The visits generally last ninety minutes, and the cost of any materials is covered by us, our budget is sometimes topped up by donations from happy customers.

As we bulk buy and in many cases deal directly with the manufacturer, even with material price increases the average cost per home for the materials used by DraughtBusters is around £30, as of 2022. This can result in savings on energy bills of more than ten times this amount! 

Time to get DraughtBusting?

Curious to find out more than there are lots of ways to connect and learn more, get support  and help others save energy and reduce energy bills and carbon emissions




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