Problem encountered during 2021/2022

Every year we encounter new problems, last year it was warped UPVC doors and poorly adjusted ones, we think that they move due to the weight of the glass. Good ones can be adjusted but poor quality ones often have inadequate or broken adjusters. 

This year we have a lot of problems with friction stays, the ‘hinges’ used on replacement windows. Some were so badly broken or in such a state that we temporarily screwed the window shut to prevent draughts but only when there was an alternative functioning window that could be used for ventilation.  We recommended to several clients and building owners that they should replace their friction stays or approach their landlord for help. 

Another problem that we are encountering more and more frequently are problems with trickle ventilators. They are becoming the bane of DraughtBusters lives.  Stuck open, unable to be closed is common, householder unaware of how to operate them. Then draughty when closed! plastic getting old and deforming, warping, cracking, screws not tight, even some longer ones deform under the pressure of wind from outside causing  draughts and others allow draughts enter between the window frame and the ventilator all the time! Uncontrollable ventilation (draughts) cause additional wasted energy and higher than necessary heating bills.